Katharina Thomas and Gregory Prade


Flame is both a light fixture and an illuminated object, which emanates positively and unmistakably on spaces. The natural fiber paper utilized in all the objects in this family is made from raw linen which has undergone a special process made by hand. Critical for me is to work with this material in a special method which retains the integrity of the fiber.

The nature of the fiber is decisive for the character of the lamps. My paper creation is left with its full fibrous texture and is incorporated within the composition.

Each light object is a unique creation. These objects are hand made and can be customized to individual wishes.

Light Source:

230V E27, LED, warm tone, high CRI

Socket base: Porcelain


Core diameter ca. 15 cm


“Flame” – 65 cm

“Family” – 55 & 35 cm

More info:

Available since 2019 / Not suited for rooms with high humidity.

Credited to Gregory Prade


Flame lamp - Katharina Thomas


Family lamp - Katharina Thomas