Katharina Thomas - Tapestry of life Texture - Katharina Thomas THE ATELIER IN 3 WORDS research, audacity and creation TEXTILE AND INTERIOR DESIGN FREE PRODUCTION is understanding space, chancing scale, introducing continuity into my thinking, longing for beauteousness... that’s what pleased me when I was approached to develop design. longing is the beginning of everything... Working with fibres means for me relationship, freedom and storytelling. Every organism is made of fiber structures - also the human being. I found heaven in paper, paper - vibration is communication. I found earth in felt, felt - a bounded relationship. Katharina ThomasINTERVIEW READ MORE As a textile designer, I have worked artistically for 40 years. My career started with a tailor-made apprentice. It was very important to me. The craft is for me the ground on which I could start. The ground, which makes many things clear, at first with stability. But I am an artist by nature and so I just went further.